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Information about Pearson International Airport

Detailed information about Pearson International Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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Flights from Pearson International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
AC7119 Toronto — Calgary sat 09:30 11:16 3h 46m Air Canada from CA$147 search
AC1880 Toronto — Port Of Spain sat 16:40 22:05 5h 25m Air Canada Rouge from CA$180 search
DE2403 Toronto — Frankfurt sun 20:20 09:50 7h 30m Condor Flugdienst from CA$173 search
AA1111 Toronto — Dallas mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sun 17:58 20:28 3h 30m American Airlines from CA$203 search
UA3535 Toronto — Chicago daily 13:51 14:44 1h 53m United Airlines from CA$103 search
AC263 Toronto — Winnipeg mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sun 12:25 13:57 2h 32m Air Canada from CA$100 search
AC714 Toronto — New York daily 14:40 16:06 1h 26m Air Canada from CA$85 search
AC94 Toronto — Buenos Aires fri 19:40 06:49 10h 9m Air Canada from CA$745 search
AM617 Toronto — Mexico City daily 01:01 05:10 5h 9m AeroMéxico from CA$225 search
AC1816 Toronto — Nassau sun 07:50 10:43 2h 53m Air Canada from CA$180 search

Flights to Pearson International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
AC8602 Sudbury — Toronto daily 06:10 07:21 1h 11m Air Canada from CA$91 search
WS714 Vancouver — Toronto daily 13:00 20:28 4h 28m WestJet from CA$163 search
AC598 Austin — Toronto daily 16:45 21:03 3h 18m Air Canada from CA$204 search
KL691 Amsterdam — Toronto daily 09:45 11:40 7h 55m KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from CA$224 search
AC1859 Phoenix — Toronto sun 00:35 07:31 3h 56m Caspian Airlines from CA$151 search
AC7322 Cincinnati — Toronto daily 10:25 11:55 1h 30m Air Canada from CA$197 search
AC1805 Montego Bay — Toronto mon, thu, fri 13:30 18:35 4h 5m Air Canada from CA$290 search
WS3405 Fredericton — Toronto mon, wed, thu, fri, sun 12:38 14:04 2h 26m WestJet from CA$118 search
AC1881 Port Of Spain — Toronto sat 23:50 05:30 5h 40m Air Canada from CA$273 search
AC7625 Gander — Toronto daily 18:40 20:31 3h 21m Air Canada from CA$203 search

Airlines flying to Pearson International Airport

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